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Yasmin Essa

Interview with Farheen Khan, 1st Place Awardee, 2015 Dreamer Doer Awards

In this interview, you'll hear about so many amazing things ranging from her current life as a Federal Candidate at Mississauga-Centre NDP, her 175 lb weight loss journey, her hijab story, her inspirational father who was a big player in building the first mosque in her area as a child, her experiences working at a women's shelter, how she turned a brutal attack into a means of drive and inspiration, her passion for fighting poverty and social injustices. She was raw and honest. I can go on and on, but instead, listen for yourself, inshaAllah. :)

Learn more about Farheen's Political Work here, inshaAllah
Learn more about Farheen's book From Behind the Veil: A Hijabi's Journey to Happiness, inshaAllah
Learn more about Farheen's second book A Hijabi's Journey to Live, Laugh & Love, inshaAllah

Check out the awesome work that the 2015 Dreamer Doer Award Judges are doing:

 Asma Khan, Soap Ethics, soapethics.com 
 Debora McNichol, Muslim Writers Publishing, muslimwriterspublishing.com
 Elena Nikolova, Muslim Travel Girl, muslimtravelgirl.com 
 SISTERS Magazine Editorial Team, sisters-magazine.com
♥ Yvonne Maffei,
 My Halal Kitchen, myhalalkitchen.com 
 Saiyyidah Zaidi, saiyyidahzaidi.com


No idea what the 2015 Wellness with Yasmin Dreamer Doer Awards are?

Check out details, 2015 nominees, and 2015 awardees here, inshaAllah.

Yasmin Essa

2015 Inspirational Muslim Women "Dreamer Doer" Award Recipients

Wellness with Yasmin was built to support women become the best versions of themselves. In honor of International Women's Month, we asked you to nominate and share with us the spectacular women you have come to know. 

Award recipients will be invited to a video interview, to share their work and inspiration, inshaAllah (Godwilling).

2015 Award Recipients

♥ 1st Place: Farheen Khan of www.farheenkhan.ca 

♥ 2nd Place: Aisha Al-Hajjar of www.amanibirth.com 

♥ 3rd Place: Linda Delgado of www.muslimwriterspublishing.com

2015 Nominees

Abdulai Zainab's Sister
Aisha Al-Hajjar
Al Hajjah Miniimah Bilal-Elahi
Alaa Suliman
Ameena Shehab
Azra S. Baig
Camilla Stein
Debora McNichol
Farheen Khan
Hafsa Taher
Hawa Bibi Docrat
Hend Hagazi
LaYina Sanni
Linda Delgado
Mohamed Tariq's Wife
Nahida Esmail
Nevien Shaabneh
Nicola Sofia
Nikki Rana
Sa'diyya Nesar
Saadia Faruqi
Sandra Akkad
Sanjida Shaheed
Shadiyah Marshall
Sharrifa's Mom
Sidra Mahmood
Tahanie Aboushi
Tahira K.
Tasnim Nazeer
Theresa Corbin

 Asma Khan, Soap Ethics www.soapethics.com 
 Debora McNichol, Muslim Writers Publishing www.muslimwriterspublishing.com
 Elena Nikolova, Muslim Travel Girl www.muslimtravelgirl.com 
 SISTERS Magazine Editorial Team www.sisters-magazine.com
♥ Yvonne Maffei,
 My Halal Kitchen www.myhalalkitchen.com 
 Saiyyidah Zaidi www.saiyyidahzaidi.com


To learn more about the Dreamer + Doer Award, watch this video: