"After working with Yasmin for 6 months, I have more energy, I cook frequently and actually enjoy eating healthy. I make better decisions regarding what goes into my body. I can regulate my thyroid without medication. Yasmin is very empathetic and genuinely cares about my well-being. Her motivational skills are excellent. She has empowered me in so many ways. I value myself so much more now. Seeing her dedication to me has made me more dedicated to myself. I have learned to eliminate negativity and become more conscious of my environment and overall well-being. Thank you!!"
- Ms. Patel (signed up for 1:1 coaching with Yasmin, with hopes of regulating her thyroid and becoming healthier after being diagnosed with hyperthyroid and Graves' disease)
"After 3 months, my iron levels, platelets, and white blood cell counts went up after consistently going down. I lost 8 pounds naturally. I have more energy and I feel better overall. Yasmin is very knowledgeable and makes you feel comfortable. I have gained not only an excellent health coach, but a friend!!!"
-Alicia Viruet (signed up 1:1 coaching with Yasmin, with hopes of living healthier after being diagnosed with Leukemia)
“The best thing about my session was meeting an exceptionally kind, intelligent, knowledgeable, & caring person who had a peaceful aura around her that immediately made me feel comfortable. It was a wonderful session. :)” -Deborah Jasper

"I would describe Yasmin as having a lot of knowledge, a good communicator, positive, caring, humble, open, patient, organized...and I feel she has a sincere interest in the women she works with and big desire to help." - Nisrine N
"Later, I went to have some crackers, but they tasted stale.  I stopped eating and threw them out, something I wouldn't have done before. BTW, my pants are feeling better already. Feeling good overall." –Sue Whelan

“You gave me a whole new perspective on eating, food and living in general. I can't tell you in words the how happy I feel on the inside. Truly, this is freedom from a stress I have carried all these years. This is great so far! Thank you Yasmin.  God really made you for this!  I'm blessed to have found you.”–Lana Waked 

"I love how she is cheerful and relaxed." -Amani S.
"She is an excellent teacher. I really enjoy attending her classes." - Shahnaj Z.

“I had a great experience with Yasmin, she really taught me a lot. Yasmin is very friendly, dedicated, passionate to help all of her clients. I enjoyed working and progressed with Yasmin.”– Dena O.
“I owe it all to Yasmin and I thank her and appreciate her for her time and effort. I highly recommend for anyone who is serious about getting fit or healthy. She will help you change your life around.”-Hajer Y.

“She is wonderful! I can honestly say she has a lot of knowledge about fitness and health.”– Robyn E.
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