1-on-1 Coaching:

I offer one-on-one personalized coaching to women who are looking to work intimately on their goals. Sessions take place via Phone (US clients) or Zoom Conference Call (International Clients) and are supplemented with voice memos, and email support. In my experience, this style of coaching facilitates massive break-throughs and progress for clients. My style is to empower clients with tools that they can use well beyond our work together. 

My Specialties:

 Women’s General Health
 Hormonal Balance
 Emotion Management
Food Sensitivities/Allergies
 Weight Loss
 Thyroid Regulation
 Digestion Issues
 Sugar Addictions
 Emotional Eating
Healthy Cooking
Meal Planning  
Family Communication
Work-Life Balance 
General Life Goals

First Session Information:
The first session lasts 90 minutes long and costs $285. During this time, we review your coaching application, forms and goals to design an action plan. On top of being loaded with value, this session also serves as a time to see if my expertise and personality are a match for your personality and goals. Like all my other services, I back this session up with a 30 day back guarantee to ensure your peace of mind and to keep myself accountable to providing excellent services. If at the end of the session you are unsatisfied, I will gladly refund your hard-earned money, no questions asked. 

Long-Term Monthly Coaching Programs
Long-term programs are designed to systematically integrate lasting tools into your daily life. They are not about achieving quick fixes. While true change takes time, all programs are designed with continual progress and wins along the way. I take full investment in your journey and we work from the inside out. In the case of circumstances that make it impossible for a client to continue with a program, programs can be canceled if absolutely needed by completing a program cancelation request form and giving 30 days notice. My goal is to retain your peace of mind and always do what is best for you inshaAllah.

12 Month Transformational Mind, Body, Soul Program
Two 60 minute sessions per month with in between support via email/text/voice memos/etc
$470 per month for 12 months via Paypal

24 Month Immersion Program
Two 60 minute sessions per month with in between support via email/text/voice memos/etc
$430 per month for 24 months via Paypal

36 Month Mastery Program
Two 60 minute sessions per month with in between support via email/text/voice memos/etc
$390 per month for 36 months via Paypal


As You Go Coaching Services

Standalone Sessions

Standalone sessions are available for $265 per 60 min session for clients who have completed the initial session and want more support but are not interested in long term programs. The initial session is a mandatory prerequisite.


Email Coaching

2 structured goal-oriented email check-ins per month plus unlimited email/text support (within reason) in between structured check-ins. The initial session is a mandatory prerequisite.

$275/month-to-month, no commitment, 15 day termination notice required


VIP Intensive Coaching Day

This is for anyone wanting to deep dive and strategize on a specific issue in a short amount of time. We schedule a full 7 hour day of coaching. This includes a 1 hour lunch break and (2) 15-minute additional breaks. We also schedule a 1 hour follow up coaching session one month after the VIP Day. $1395 or (2) payments of $697.50. This option is most successful if are a self-starting type of person who likes to do things on your own, but wants support planning and strategizing where you are stuck. The initial session is a mandatory prerequisite.


In person sessions

In person sessions are available in Central New Jersey for an additional $50 in-person fee per session.


I back all sessions and monthly programs with a 100% with a hassle-free money-back guarantee. If you find you do not receive the value you expected, you have an entire month (30 days) to ask for your money back, no shame, no questions. These rates are valid until December 31, 2019. Every year, prices are reevaluated and go up in order to align with experience and continual improvement to services. Alumni clients with good standing are never subjected to increases and are always grandfathered into the rates in place when they initially sought out services. For example, a 2015 client who honored all agreements will always be invoiced at 2015 rates, etc.

If interested, please contact me to inquire about availability, inshaAllah (Godwilling)

1-1 Coaching FAQs:

Q: What is an integrative holistic health coach?

A: "A Health Coach is a wellness authority and supportive mentor who motivates individuals to cultivate positive health choices. Health Coaches educate and support clients to achieve their health goals through lifestyle and behavior adjustments." -The Institute for Integrative Nutrition

“The primary objectives of health coaching are to educate the patient regarding self health management and to encourage patients in taking a more proactive role in staying healthy.”-Medical Economics

“Chronic diseases such as obesity, hypertension, and diabetes wreck our quality of life and cost a fortune. In recent years, a new and intriguing concept has emerged in the prevention and treatment of chronic illness: the health coach.” –CBS News

Q: What kind of people do you work with?

A: In my 1:1 work, I work with women. Men and children can benefit from my work elsewhere such as my online and in person classes and events. Every individual is seen as a whole person. The mind,  body, and soul are always connected. This is your journey and I empower you as such, inshaAllah. We develop real solutions and get to the heart of things. Everything is very personalized. No cookie cutter solutions here.

Q: Does it really work?

A: Yes, as long as you do your part, alhamdulilah (All praise is due to God alone). At the end of the day, you get what you put in.

Through Wellness with Yasmin 1-1 Coaching, I have had clients reach amazing goals such as, getting off medications (with supervision of a doctor), avoiding surgery (with supervision of a doctor), improving bloodwork and vitamin levels, losing body fat percentage and weight, decreasing stress, improving body image, increasing muscle mass and strength, improving thyroid health, improving energy levels, detoxing body of toxins, overcoming emotional eating, overcoming eating disorders, healing chronic pain, curing constipation, understanding food allergies, reducing anxiety, creating positive change through depression, improving healthy cooking skills, learning to ditch diets, being happier, improving their love life, career transition, thriving academically, improving relationship with God, and more. 
Wellness with Yasmin is an international community, alhamdulilah. Here are where women I have worked with (this list covers both 1-1 clients + online course students)
  • United States (California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Florida, New York, North Carolina, Maryland, Arizona, Illinois, Ohio, Texas)
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Nigeria
  • Australia
  • Netherlands
  • Egypt
  • India
  • Bahrain
  • United Kingdom
  • Turkey
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • France
  • Norway
  • Mali
  • Bangladesh
  • Sudan
  • Pakistan
  • South Africa
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