Assalamu alaykum wa rahmataAllah wa barakatuhu!


Both regular and late registration are now closed. To be informed the next time that this class is offered, contact me here inshaAllah.


FYI, the reason I close registration is not a marketing thing. Having registration close creates energetic space and a boundary of relief for both you as a student and me as a teacher. Closing it ensures energy is not being dripped constantly. It gives me a chance to focus solely on teaching as well as developing new content. It gives you the student structure. It also helps me organize and dedicate time to my student onboarding process for each registration period.


Thank you for considering taking my class. This 2 hour class on anxiety is part of a 9 month course titled 'Holistic Emotional Healing for Anxiety, Trauma, and Depression'. I'm opening this class up to the public for anyone who would like to benefit from it. You can take it without being registered for the full course. It is a standalone class, meaning you can take it without context of the other classes.


This 2 hour class is focused on three things as they relate to anxiety: 1) understanding; 2) managing; 3) healing. This is not a class that will teach you techniques to use for anxiety. Yes, those are great, but you probably already know those (things like deep-breathing, exercise, etc).


This class is going to teach you the fundamentals of hacking your own anxiety. You will learn how to differentiate your anxiety into your 'recurring anxiety' and 'isolated anxiety'. You will be inspired to reflect and pinpoint and deconstruct what gives you anxiety. You will be given specific tools and high-powered questions that help you deconstruct your anxiety, so you can get your power back.


You will be taught new perspectives, such as learning and training yourself to be relaxed even when you're anxious. I personally go through more than a dozen examples from my own life and share many examples of recurring anxiety that I've healed. The class comes with full downloadable notes and two extra worksheets. There is also a homework assignment that will force you to declare action and help you determine how to put what you've learned into practice. As with anything else, you will get however much you put into this.


At the end, there is a Q&A session. These are some of the questions submitted by current students that I answered during this session's Q&A:

  • "Lately, when I'm approaching my cycle I feel so tense and vulnerable that any small situation can push my buttons and I over react without even thinking. It’s hormonal changes I know but is there anything I can do to make it less?"
  • "I used to be a forgiving person, never hold bad feelings towards anyone and I can’t forget or forgive recently..It’s like I have a scar in my heart that I can’t heal. Seeing these people who hurt me makes me feel sad about myself. I don’t feel bad about them but I feel how much I was hurt to the point I don’t want to forget that. But I hate this feeling. This is not me!"
  • "How can I be loyal to myself as an introspective person whilst enjoying the company of others regardless of their tendency?"
  • "What do you do when people you love trigger self-doubt in you? What are healthy ways to handle criticism? Because I quickly go on the defense and throw blame elsewhere when I am criticized, even if it's for my own benefit."
  • "How can I learn to trust myself again if I've made mistakes in the past and even repeated those same mistakes? I'm scared to trust myself and hurt myself or others. Someone recently contacted me again and this is a person who really hurt me before. This person was someone I fell in love with and who abandoned me and it led me to months of severe depression. Just when I'm being introduced to someone else too who my family raves about. Is this a test from Allah? How can I deal with this person who hurt me? Especially after I have explained to him before how much he hurt me."


Lots of love,
Yasmin Essa, HC, AADP
Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach

P.S. Is there something I didn't address on this page that you need to know?  Contact me and I'll get back to you in 48 hours with a personal response, straight from my inbox to yours, inshaAllah

Past Student Testimonials

"Thank you so much for this wonderful class." -Christa (Glow From The Inside Out Alumni, 2015)

"LOVE THIS CLASS AND COMMUNITY!" -Heather (Glow From The Inside Out Alumni, 2015)

"Alhamdulilah, we have learned a lot from this course and have implemented a lot of your recommendations in my daily life. My new motto is slow and steady hehehehe" -Glory (Glow From The Inside Out Alumni, 2015)

"I love how she is cheerful and relaxed." -Amani (ICUC Fitness Class Student, 2013)

"She is an excellent teacher. I really enjoy attending her classes." -Shahnaj  (ICUC Fitness Class Student, 2013)

"MashaAllah, very beneficial class and awesome tips! So glad to hear that I'm not alone, and that many other sisters share my struggles (thanks for sharing all the survey questions)! -Ahlam (Love Your Emotions Class, 2015)

"Nice to see that there are many common things amongst us" -Haneen (Love Your Emotions Class, 2015)

"I'm enjoying the class" -Katrina (Love Your Emotions Class, 2015)

"I enjoyed everything about the class! My biggest takeaway from class is that I am not crazy with my sensitive nature. I should cherish my emotions and feelings. They are a gift." -Christa (Love Your Emotions Class)

"JazakAllah! Your class is great. Thank you! Just made dua for you." -Hina (Marriage Communication Class, 2016)

"Jazaky Allahu kheir for another wonderful life impacting class :)" -Amani (Marriage Communication Class, 2015)

"Indeed it was beneficial for me. Thank you so much for your help. The class meant a lot to me yesterday. May Allah bless you and reward you in abundance." -Nadyah (Marriage Communication Class, 2015)

"You were very engaging and down to earth, alhamdulilah" -Noor (Holistically Managing Anxiety & Overwhelm Class, 2016)

"I like the content, very helpful" -Saïda (Holistically Managing Anxiety & Overwhelm Class, 2016)

"You kept checking up on the listeners and kept checking for more questions. I loved how you used the pre-class survey for examples." -Bushra (Holistically Managing Anxiety & Overwhelm Class, 2016)

"I loved knowing that I am not alone. Seeing other sisters responses were helpful and reassuring. I liked the course outline/structure. I also loved the pre-class questionnaire and the personality test. I loved the teaching style and the healthy tips." -Asia (Love Your Emotions Class, 2015)

"I like how you customize and personalize the experience. Reading out our survey responses but keeping them anonymous. It's like I am heard and acknowledged and valued and yet I can maintain my privacy. It is great to feel that you respect and even go as far as celebrate our sensitivity." -Nida (Love Your Emotions Class, 2015)

"I liked the activities you provided us to do, making it interactive and I loved the patience you showed waiting for us to complete them." -Saleha (Spring Detox Webinar, 2016)

"It motivated to consider my options and begin to set a plan." -Rachel (Spring Detox Webinar, 2016)

"I learned many ways to detox daily. I especially liked the chart." -Nisrine (Spring Detox Webinar, 2016)

"Awesome reminders about healthy habits and feel motivated overall." -Amani (Spring Detox Webinar, 2016)

"I am interested in self-development and have become curious with my thoughts and actions." -Melanie (Self-Esteem & Confidence Group, 2014)

"I was floundering in life and paralysed with fear, which stopped me from doing even some of the most basic things in my life. Now I have the ability to work through fear instead of dwelling in it." -Jocelyn (Self-Esteem & Confidence Group, 2014)

"I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done for me, I needed that push and Alhumdulilah Allah Ta'ala sent you to give me that nudge in the right direction. JazakAllah khairan katheeran!" -Yusaira (Emotion & Hormone Study, 2013)

"I am a more happy and positive person, as I try not to let myself feel any negative emotions if something comes up where I get angry or sad, I walk away from the situation so that I can keep my emotions in control alhumdulillah and of course I make du'a to help suppress negative emotions. I feel the more taqwa you have, the easier it is to stay in control and stay positive. Alhumdulillah. -Nausheen (Emotion & Hormone Study, 2013)

"I think extra tools and support are a great idea. I think it's easier to work on personal development when you have a support structure and you know there are others playing for the same team :)" -Hanna (Emotion & Hormone Study, 2013)

"All the tools provided was an immense support and guide during and after the study." -Fathima (Emotion & Hormone Study, 2013)
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