4 Healthy Ways to Enjoy Bread

This beautiful plate was one of my meals last week and it was delicious, alhamdulilah (all praise and gratitude is due to God alone). It was easy to make and very well balanced. The main reason I took a picture and am sharing it now is because there's a myth out there that in order to be lean and healthy you can't eat bread. I disagree. I personally enjoy bread and find that if you enjoy something, restriction isn't the answer. There are some guidelines to help you enjoy bread in a more wholesome way.
1) Aim for either homemade or fresh bread. If choosing store-brought, choose brands that are stored in the freezer section that have minimal ingredients. You know something is not right when shelf stable breads sit for weeks on the shelf/counter without getting moldy. This is thanks to crazy amounts of fillers and preservatives (no bueno).

2) As with all carbs, it isn't the carb that's the problem. We need carbs as they are an essential macronutrient. Restrict them and I promise you'll run into problems. The problem is with how people tend to eat carbs (alone, with no protein and greens). Protein helps stabilize blood sugar which is especially important when consuming bread which has a higher GI than other whole food sources of carbs. Greens help alkalize your overall meal. Add natural detoxifiers like beets or probiotic rich food like saurkruat.

3) Bread has a higher GI than let's say sweet potato, because it has less fiber and contains flour. Aim to eat it earlier in the day, when your body can utilize the energy.

4) To gluten or not gluten. That is the question. For me, it's not gluten. I've been gluten free for many years now. Do I recommend that to everyone? Heck no. People who can benefit include but are not limited to those with joint issues, inflammation, gut issues, thyroid issues, MTHFR, celiac disease, constipation, etc. Most importantly, you have to be mentally there, otherwise you are going to feel restricted. For me, I went gluten free years ago to reduce inflammation, and holistically manage my idiopathic scoliosis. I don't feel the least bit restricted because I have yet to find something I can't rework to be gluten free.

There you have it, my top 4 ways to enjoy bread, inshaAllah (Godwilling).